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Wisdom hammered out of copper

The short intro

Three friends who got to know each other during their education as bioscience engineers in Ghent, joined forces to confirm their passion for beer. The knowledge acquired in the 'Copper Owl' was from then on put to practice. Today Brewery De Landing creates artistic, craft beers for the man on the street as for the true beer connoisseurs.

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We brew what we like ourselves


Belgian brown, 9,5% alc.

By genuinely following the motto we like to brew what we like to drink, many home brews were the base for our first beer: IKARUS. It became a robust, non-industrial quadruple. The use of five different malts gives the beer a resounding body and pleasant hints of caramel. Three Belgian hops add a subtle fruitiness and an amiable bittersweet character. Our first born was completed with star anise, some clove and a few sticks of liquorice. These spices give IKARUS its complex aftertaste, which is both tender and intense.

Brewed for both the well-experienced beer connoisseur and the occasional consumer, we present to you this modern version of a classic Belgian brown so you can enjoy it.  


American Styled IPA, 7% alc.

On the request of our most epic connoisseur and friend, 'Bier en Karakter' & 'De Landing' teamed up to brew an epic beer to celebrate his 25th birthday. Inspired by the american IPAs our dearest friend loves so much, this beer represents everything a Belgian IPA should look like. May this be the start of a New Wave of Belgian IPAs (NEWBIs) ever celebrating 25 years of pure epicness!


Belgian ale, 6% alc.

A wide range, yet deranged beer, that was the first approach on MINOS, our third. A combination of barley, wheat and oats shape the grainy fundamentals of the recipe. Two Belgian hops complement with a charming bitterness and fruity features. However in the end, the billion-dollar question turned out to be the finishing touch. As a result, it took a dramatic epiphany in bringing lemon balm and juniper into the picture. The result is a cool Belgian blond ale with a quirky, grainy character, a mild bitterness and refreshing hints of citrus. 

Feeling thirsty? Have a MINOS.