My name is what?


Many beer recipes spawned from the creative mind of this genius, called Jon. Every new creation was guided by his amazing sense of taste and scent. Due to his intuition at choosing the right ingredients, he quickly earned the proper title of Hopmaester. 


Thanks to the economical insights of this adolescent entrepreneur, our dreams could become reality in a flash. Aside from having great administrative skills, Bram also functions as coordinator, solving issues and problems even before they occur.


One might call Jonas the technical prodigy of the brewery. With the help of his ingenious ideas and practical dexterity, the brewing process was optimized in no time. Even today, perhaps due to his sometimes peculiar creations, he's still the artist of the party.


Zythologist, dietitian, chef. You name it. Roel was immediately sold when he tasted a brewery de Landing beer. Since then, he is of vital value in the development of foodpairing, sales and marketing.