Our Story

The origins of brewery De Landing

In 2011 three students starting their bioscience engineering degree met up in Ghent. Soon they discovered their shared passion for beer. Gradually they formed a close friendship. During their student life they acquired a developed taste for beer and ideas to create their own beer started to form.

These ideas were initially just ideas, until the start of the academic year in 2013. In a small student room in Ghent, they took their first shot at brewing beer themselves. Soon however, they discovered that a student room was far from ideal to keep practising this new hobby.

In the months after getting to know the brewing process for the first time, the necessary materials to create a set of brewing equipment of roughly 60 litres were bought or fabricated. After experimenting in the student room, they decided to look for a more permanent location. They found the perfect place in the Normandiƫstraat in Wevelgem.

In the spring of 2014, the equipment was used to produce a first test brew. After a whole day of brewing and over seventeen hours of failures and unexpected hindrances, it was clear that the knowledge of the brewing process and the technique still had a long way to go. The bachelor degree in bioscience engineering however proved to be a robust base knowledge from which to optimize the process, during which Jonas' tinkering skills proved invaluable.

After several test brews, the brewing process was optimised and the creation of a recipe could begin. Jon turned out to be quite the creative mind with recipes and together with Jonas and Bram the first beer started to take shape.

From then on the beer started to catch on more and more with friends and family and the demand for the brews started to rise. At the start of summer in 2015 the demand for the hobby beer suddenly grew immensely when an official order for about 200 litres came in. Not only was this order far above the production capacity, it also was not possible to deliver such an amount with the proper authorization. After extended discussions it was clear that everyone was on the same page and wanted to keep on brewing later on. Thus, a decision was made to officially found their own brewery. Luck had it that Bram turned out to have the administrative and organizational ingenuity to successfully complete this endeavour. After two years the close friendship between the three friends is the foundation of Brewery De Landing BVBA.